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Get Involved

Get Involved

#Together4BetterHealth is a European movement committed to ensuring decision-makers prioritize value-based health care over current unsustainable health system approaches.

How can we all be game changers?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, a health care practitioner, an investor, or a business professional, you can be part of the movement.

As citizens of Europe, we all have a critical role in driving research, education, innovation, and engagement. We have a voice, and we embrace our responsibilities as contributors to the European Association of Value-Based Health Care.

Our work together is reflected in six main transformation pillars:

Connect & Network

We are a community of citizens from all over Europe with very different social, academic, and professional backgrounds. We aim to work with other citizens in our geographical areas to make VBHC a reality across Europe as quickly as possible. We embrace our diversity, and believe that by working together, because together we are stronger, we can make the transformation to VBHC happen across Europe. Yes, together we can!


Working closely with the European Commission and national/regional governments to influence decision makers to embrace health-value policies and strategies.

Implement & Scale Up

Supporting the implementation of VBHC programs in hospitals & primary health care organisations.

Provide Knowledge & Intelligence

  • Producing and funding research and disseminating research through news, reports, and fact sheets. We focus on progressing scientific evidence to support transformation.
  • Developing a standard European curriculum for teaching value-based health care in medical and management courses at European universities.
  • Funding VBHC exchange professional programs;
  • Supporting VBHC collaborative work between medical schools & business schools.


Supporting health care suppliers in innovation processes and in the developing of new products that, with scientific evidence, match patients’ needs and improve their lives.

Communicate & Disseminate

Promoting value-based health care showcases and sharing knowledge through communication tools and platforms, including social networks and targeted events and workshops