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Meet Our Goals

Meet Our Goals

Our Declaration of Principles

  1. Preamble
    1. We citizens of Europe, as individuals and members of the European Association of Value-Based Health Care (EAVBHC) are calling for a transformative change for the future of health across Europe, mindful of the difficult social, political, and economic questions that need to be addressed, and the choices that will need to be made to enable equitable access to health care at a cost that societies can afford.
    2. Through the EAVBHC we would draw on the wisdom of multilateral, multi-disciplinary and multisectoral perspectives of key individuals working within and for health care and related fields to help develop our approach at this critical juncture.
  2. The Declaration
    1. The future lies in recognising the interdependency of the health of people and their social, economic, and environmental determinants. We envision better health through a value based approach which strengthens primary, secondary, tertiary and public health systems built on integrated understandings of value through a focus on delivering better outcomes (that matter most to people) at the most efficient cost possible.
    2. We affirm the following principles:
      1. A high standard of health is a human right.
      2. We as individuals can lead the transformation, inspire policy makers, and positively impact on the quality of health care.
      3. We need to be ambitious in working to strengthen our health systems post the global COVID-19 pandemic based on value-based approaches.
      4. We embrace our diversity and believe that by working together we are stronger.
      5. Knowledge is a common good. Universities must lead in sharing the benefits and assets of research, education, and innovation. Knowledge that is missing must be created and implemented together.
      6. Education for all is the foundation for health for all. Investing in access to learning is investing in transformation.
      7. Stronger collaboration, be that across disciplines, organisations, sectors, or countries, and political will are needed to achieve transformation to a more value-based approach across Europe.
      8. EAVBHC will operate on a transparent basis with its members and the public to further the development of value-based health care.
  3. Our Commitment
    1. We all, as individuals, have a critical role to play in driving research, education, innovation, and engagement. As a place of debate and challenge, we embrace our responsibilities as contributors to EAVBHC. Specifically, we commit to the following actions:
      1. Empower, value, and protect people through the movement by investing in shared teaching and training to strengthen local, and regional capacity.
      2. Educate for leadership, investing in the advocacy and communication skills needed to drive a new model for health, which is equitably and transparently shaped by perspectives from across Europe.
      3. Use the unique role that we have in crossing subject boundaries to shape new knowledge, write new narratives and curate the multi-disciplinary research and knowledge.
      4. Democratise knowledge and its implementation, improving access to health education, and data sharing.
      5. Support countries and organisations with multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial research evidence to make bold choices beyond immediate self-advancement.
      6. Work with industry, business, and society to prioritise actions that change the course of, and the impact on health.
      7. Create a movement which builds and mobilises consensus internationally to create bold new strategies to translate principles into action.
      8. Utilise the movement as a crucible in which critical questions and difficult choices in pursuit of value-based health care can be debated, treating all voices with respect.
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